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As the moderator for this blog, I am responsible for curating all the posts you see here on Reflections in addition to maintaining the site.

We plan to post new content bi-weekly to share fresh perspectives, ideas and insights but please be advised this number may fluctuate depending on what the senior leadership team has going on in a given month. We’ll do our best to post new material as often as we can.

When it comes to comments, feel free to start, join or contribute to the conversation – we’re always interested in hearing what our customers, partners, employees, and observers have to say. While we’ll do our best to get you answers to the questions you ask, please understand that you may not receive a personal response from our bloggers. Please keep your comments relevant to a particular post and above all, respectful of other commenters.

If you have any ideas on how to make this blog better or have suggestions for future posts, let us know by emailing